Wonder Woman Review !!

#WonderWoman – Gal Gadot !!

The natural beauty..!! Beauty  with brains is a rare combination. Beauty with martial arts – Extremely rare combinaation. Gal Gadot has nailed it. DC has come up with an exciting movie after a long time. With Henry Cavill, Ben Affeleck on their side, Gal Gadot comes to their rescue. She’s cute, hot, exciting, brutal and she is the perfect synonym for “Wonder Woman”.

Hans Zimmer added life to this lively character with tremendous background music. On the whole, a life saving movie for the DC universe and the dawn for a lady superhero and a super-cutie changing our lives upside down with her looks and amazing skills.

#WonderWoman – Beginning of an era.

Moviefox Rating: 8.5/10

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