Salman Khan’s Tubelight Movie Release Refused by Pakistan movie Distributors

The Salman Khan’s upcoming movie Tubelight will not release in Pakistan; the reason  because no local distributors are not coming forward to release in Pakishthan. Apparently, a big hero like Salman has a extraordinary market and popularity among Pakistani audiences .

According to the Deccan Chronicle news report the President of the Indian Film Exporters Association, Hirachand Dand, local distributors in Pakistan are hesitant to acquire the film, since there are two big local films scheduled for an Id release and the makers do not want any competition, especially in the form of a Salman starrer.

“Popular hero like Salman has millions of fans in Pakistan and India he filmmakers are in no mood to pitch their films against his. They are determined to protect the interests of their films instead.”

Sources point out that there is a huge amount of money riding on the two big local releases, one of them being Yalghaar, touted as one of Pakistan’s first ever international film, and the other being Shor Sharaba. Interestingly, Yalghaar, based on the sacrifices of the people and armed forces against terrorism, has premier shows scheduled in US, UK and China. “The distributors are in no mood to pay the asking price for a Salman film even if it is released two weeks later, since it would have released all over the world by then. The business will also have reduced by 30 percent. And these days, pirated versions of films invariably get leaked online within a week of their release,” he says, adding that a majority of Salman-starrers had released on the same day in Pakistan.

Veteran Pakistan distributor Amjad Rashi, who last released Baahubali and Hindi Medium in Pakistan, confirmed that no distributor including the regular local distributor of Yashraj, Geo Films, had come forward to acquire the film. However, he attributed it to completely different reasons. “I am not the right person to comment but I doubt whether the film will get clearance considering the Indo-China war subject. Salman is no doubt a big star in Pakistan but the film could also face other hurdles as it reflects anti-China sentiments,” he said.  A spokesperson for Geo refused to comment, stating that there was no confirmation on whether or not the film would release in Pakistan.

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