Bigg Boss Telugu: A well worked out reality drama

Many had their apprehensions and doubts regarding the success of Telugu #BiggBoss . However, well Jr. NTR hosting on weekends, the house members needed to be the USP of the show to sustain interest over the weekdays. But the contestants did not look like having a potentiality to sustain interest of the audience over the day like in Hindi Bigg Boss, where the affairs, issues and drama made the show popular.

As per the drama goes, Telugu makers are looking to initiate as much as possible from the onset itself. They are trying to evoke elimination drama even before contestants have settled and on the first day itself, Sampoornesh Babu turned into the Captain of the house.

Sampu and some of the house members got a notice also for violating rules in smoking zone by going as a group. But on second day, Adarsh one of the house members proved that he could be one of the most dramatic contestant ever. He acted like he has gone totally crazy and bit comedian Dhanraj. After that they ran in the house and created a huge scene. At last, it is revealed that actor pranked every one.

We have already seen a several “reality” dramas like this in many shows and Bigg Boss is trying hard to make it work. We can say that they have our attention and how well they exchange now is to be seen.


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